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Bettina Franckenberg
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What Happened to the Trees?

This work I created in mourning for nature and the exceptional topography of the Bodrum Peninsula.

The natural beauty of this region has disappeared as a result of egoism, greed and heartlessness. My heart tenses when I see this persistent destruction, this cruelty and disregard towards nature. It reminds me of vandalism

With my tree mobile "What Happened to the Trees?" I want to call on all of us - above all, those responsible for this destruction - to think about the future of this peninsula and to come to uncompromising decisions!!

"What Happened to the Trees" consists of 35 pieces arranged in the shape of a giant mobile tree that can be installed in a doorway or in a central place.
Each individual piece consists of ca. 26 cm fabric tied to bamboo with nylon thread to hang in the form of a tree. Some pieces have small trees on their surfaces created out using a textile collage technique. These symbolize seeds that bear within them the beginning of new life.
Beside these symbolic seeds are small cristal spheres and pebbles tied to strings in the same way - they symbolize tears and the wisdom of the world inherent in stones, the "witnesses of time".
The lower elements form the trunk of the tree and are weighted down by invisible pebbles.

Various fabrics, sewing thread, cristal balls, pebbles, bamboo, nylon thread

The overall size of the piece is ca. 200 x 120 x 30 cm